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A fond farewell…


… to an Arizona house. My boy started kindergarten and graduated from high school here. Walls painted, then painted over. Fences stuccoed, curtains hung, pool built, gardens planted. Many memories — most wonderful, a few best forgotten.

I love living in California, but I miss this house and, most of all, the incredible people we met while living here.

The lollipop-looking ficus trees were my nod to East Coast landscaping.

The light maple floors throughout the house were one of my favorite features. They also hid dirt pretty well.

Great fireplace for the five days a year it was needed. Paint color here and in the kitchen is one of my favorite neutrals: “Scone” by Martha Stewart.

Another view of the family room, wherein we pretended not to have a TV.

Eleven feet was an ideal ceiling height for making a house feel spacious and airy; somewhat less ideal for Arizona summer electric bills.

Master bath.

The scene of many slumber parties. Taken AFTER my son left for college, hence the lack of SpongeBob and “Dwight from the Office” posters. (I spy … 12 things from IKEA.)

We miss this back yard. But never the maintenance.

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  1. Nancy Long permalink
    03/13 8:15 AM

    No matter who the future tenants of this house are, it will always be “Chris’s house” to us LOL. Warm memories of little Jake and little Chris playing together there :)

    • Jennifer permalink*
      03/13 8:35 AM

      Same here, Nancy! So funny you should mention that — I found four undeveloped rolls of film during the move and just picked them up from Costco. Three were from birthday parties in which featured “little Jake” frequently. Planning to scan and post to FB soon…

  2. Carol Halloran permalink
    03/13 12:39 PM

    So glad Edit by Design is back – missed all those great ideas, recipes, hints for making life more fun and interesting.

    • Jennifer permalink*
      03/13 1:25 PM

      Awww…thanks, you’re the BEST! :-) And *I* miss you. Time to come for a visit!

  3. 03/30 8:21 AM

    You are one classy home interior decorator. California doesn’t need you, AZ does!

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