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Why ‘Edit by Design’? No one — including me — likes being edited, but a good editor can almost always make something better. That, I like.

What really interests me is the editing process — what we choose to edit and how we do it. Not just our writing, but our lives, our relationships, our stuff, even our recipes — to try to make them better. That is editing by design.

Why I started this blog. I crave simplicity — honest relationships, uncluttered interiors, unpretentious (but delicious) food, effortless style. Editing my life to include what I really want is a journey — one I’m still navigating — but over the years, I’ve learned some ways to make it easier and more rewarding. I’ll share them here.

About me. After a lengthy stint in corporate communications, I started my own business writing and editing content for a diverse group of clients. After 15 years in Arizona, I recently moved to Southern California with my photographer husband and am gradually adjusting to life as an empty nester. When I’m not at my computer, you will likely find me outside trying to work off my pizza addiction.

Thanks for stopping by.

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