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Got $3? Get this sweater.


Images from L-R: In Style mag (Aug. 2005); Michael Kors for Nordstrom ad (c. 2002);

It’s going to hit 95° later this week in Phoenix, so the last thing I’d intended to be writing about today is a sweater. Or anything fashion-related, really. But a bargain this good simply must be shared.

Yesterday I went to Old Navy — the plan was to exchange something there, then head to the In-N-Out drive-thru across the street for a cheeseburger. But when I saw the stacks and stacks of sweaters on the clearance table, the plan changed.

For years I’ve been searching for the perfect ‘chunky but not too bulky’ white turtleneck sweater (see inspiration photos, above) so I figured it was worth a shot.

I picked up a sweater and noted the price — $9.97. Decided to try it on. Wrong size. Tried on a different one. Fit perfectly – sleeves long enough for my monkey arms; neck loose enough but not too cowl-y; just the right length.

Exactly what I’ve been looking for since 2002.

Sold. The gal at the checkout register said “That’ll be $3.23.” Me: “Three dollars?” Her: “Yup. Kinda makes you sick, doesn’t it?”

I looked again at the price tag. Sure enough, it was marked $2.97 (from an original $36.50).

Here’s the proof:

Apparently the first one I tried on had missed the latest markdown tagging party. (I didn’t tell the checkout gal, but I didn’t really feel that sick.)

Although the photo isn’t posted on the ON site, the sweater was featured on

Photo by Michael McNamara / The Arizona Republic

It’s no longer available online, but there were tons left in five (or so) different colors and pretty much every size at my local Old Navy. The receipt describes it as “Cowl Neck” with these numbers: 809526-02-1.

So for $3, I opted for the sweater. I’m hoping it’s less fattening than a cheeseburger.

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  1. 04/13 3:22 PM

    What a screamin deal!! hmmmm don’t think there’s any left out this way, but I’ll check. Still love your writing style.

  2. Jennifer permalink*
    04/13 3:50 PM

    Tami — I’m guessing you cold-weather folk probably sold out of these a while ago. But for $3 it might still be worth it to have it shipped from the store. (And thanks!) xo

  3. 04/13 8:17 PM

    The closest I’ve come to that kind of deal would be the $5 jeans I found at the Eddie Bauer outlet. But as I type this I realize they were strictly utilitarian without an ounce of style (but perfect for taking the youth on a spelunking activity!) You definitely could have worn that sweater last Saturday during our freakish cold spell. Bravo.

  4. Jennifer permalink*
    04/13 9:07 PM

    Not buying it Kim — you inject *everything* you wear (even $5 jeans) with style. I do wish I’d had the sweater last weekend; now it’ll be eight months before I can wear it…

  5. 04/14 7:39 PM

    It’s too late. I don’t have time. And I bought three pairs of shoes (including the one that hasn’t quite stretched as hoped, so will be going back on Saturday, darnit!) and a whole box load of fabric that is going back to DC with me tomorrow.

    Besides, I can’t take one more second of winter… at any price.


  6. Jennifer permalink*
    04/14 7:45 PM

    I only need one. Sorry the shoes didn’t stretch — would you like a refund? :-) Can’t wait to see what you do with the fabric…

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