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Beginning again.


January smacked me in the head.

Despite all the blah, blah, blah about new beginnings and fresh starts, I simply could not get motivated. Sure, I completed several projects and tasks that gave the impression of productivity, but I pretty much managed to avoid the really important things I wanted to start or keep doing — those that required real effort and commitment.

As first days — and then weeks — passed, I started to get more and more discouraged. My planned blog posts about my goals became irrelevant; I couldn’t talk about something I wasn’t doing.

Then last Monday, I looked up from my computer for a second and there it was: the Wordsworth quote chiding me “To begin, begin.”

Only not chiding, really. Encouraging. Urging.

Why couldn’t I begin on Jan. 17? Or in February? Or June?

And I realized that therein lies the magic of beginning: it can happen at any time, on any date, on any day of the week, as many times as needed.

So last Monday, my new year finally began. I ate better. I exercised. I wrote. I organized. I invested some time in my relationships and my business.

I stumbled a bit at the beginning of this week, but I began — again — today.

And tomorrow I’ll wake up and begin. Again.


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  1. Catherine permalink
    01/26 10:36 AM

    Jen –

    You have no idea how many times I have repeated that sentence in my head since you posted it. I too am overwhelmed by the number of projects, ideas, commitments I have made (for example..eating better. Sadly, I am at this moment eating pizza for breakfast, but hey – there’s always tomorrow!) But your words have helped me on several occasions when I got that “I have no idea where to begin” feeling. But I have made any number of trips to Goodwill, and have in fact tackled several annoying and irritating projects that have been staring me down for months, if not years. So thanks for the inspiration, even if at times you don’t feel uber inspired.

    • 01/26 10:46 AM

      Thanks so much for your honesty and encouragement — you, my constant inspiration for multitasking and getting things done (beautifully, I might add!). Major congrats on tackling those projects. I’d also argue that pizza can be — and often is — a perfectly acceptable breakfast food. xo

  2. 01/29 11:11 AM

    “Begin Again” is my new mantra.

  3. 01/31 9:27 PM

    That is the fabulous thing about life, isn’t it? And humans? We are so full of potential. We can do just about anything if we work at it and beginning is how it all starts. I love it. A life of chances.

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