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It’s hip to be, er, hip.


I’ve never been a big fan of roses. The lovely, cabbage-y ones that grace English cottage gardens and magazine covers? Those I like. But the perfectly uniform red ones grown in a hothouse and sold by the dozen every Valentine’s Day for $14.99 – or $30 at the Boy Scout fundraiser? Those I can do without.

For as long as I can remember my favorite flowers have been white tulips. I also dig pretty much anything orange or chartreuse.

So I’d never have guessed the object of my latest floral affection would be related to a rose:

Image ©2010 Christopher Halloran Photography

First a little background. I love Trader Joe’s, but since it’s about 20 minutes from my house I don’t go there very often. When I do, I can’t resist their flowers — arguably the best, least expensive and most unique to be found. At least if you live in Mesa, Arizona.

During my trek to TJ’s yesterday, I spotted the coolest berry-looking things in a perfect-for-fall orangey red for $3.99. Although I wasn’t in the market for flowers and had no idea what they were, I grabbed the only bunch.

As I was checking out the cashier exclaimed, “Oh, rose hips. I love rose hips!”

Image ©2010 Christopher Halloran Photography

Of course I’ve heard of rose hip tea, and even purchased Vitamin C ‘with rose hips,’ but I’ve never stopped to consider the source. Turns out not only are they edible and high in Vitamin C, rose hips are actually the seed pods of roses. (Um, Einstein? No.) And they happen to look pretty great hastily plunked in a vase.

Rose hips — officially the best part of the pedestrian rose bush.

And my new favorite fall flower.

Image ©2010 Christopher Halloran Photography

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  1. 11/05 1:23 PM

    I wonder if those wilt? I gotta take something with me to Thanksgiving Dinner…

    • Jennifer permalink*
      11/05 1:31 PM

      So far, so good — I’ve only had mine two days so I’ll keep you posted. Cautionary note: they are beastly to cut (I had to use my pruning shears but I’m guessing a sharp serrated knife would work) and thorny (as their heritage might suggest).

    • Jennifer permalink*
      11/15 10:44 AM

      Update: These babies are still going strong 10 days later. They’re getting a little shriveled, but still look beautiful.

      • 11/15 2:38 PM

        I bought a big box of gorgeous persimmons to take with me.

        In fact, I bought two. I’m hoping your parents like them, too? :)

  2. 11/09 9:00 PM

    I love rose hips. A great byproduct of rose pruning laziness as evidenced on the climber in my backyard! However I wish mine were a bit more bunchy as these from TJ’s–it’s a lovely arrangement. So perfect for Fall.

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