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A Painful Birth Story


TYPEWRITER Remington Antique CropReal artists ship.
This Steve Jobs quote is a favorite of my husband’s, and as I sit here facing a blank computer screen it’s playing in a continuous loop in my head. “Real artists ship.” “Real artists ship.”

To my guilty conscience, I  suppose it means I should scrap perfectionist (er, procrastinator?) tendencies and launch this blog already.

But then again, I’ve never claimed to be an artist.

After a career spent writing — communication plans, press releases, Web content, newsletters, articles, annual reports, speeches, etc. — when asked what I do for a living, it’s only natural to say “I write.”

But what I also do — what I prefer to do, actually — is help make writing more understandable, consistent or concise. And if I’m really lucky, more interesting and informative. In other words, I edit.

So why ‘Edit by Design’?

While no one (me included) really enjoys being edited , it’s hard to argue that a good editor can’t make something markedly (or at least marginally) better.

I’m also fascinated by the editing process — both what people edit and how. Not just their writing, but how they tweak their lives, their recipes, their relationships, their stuff — to improve them. That’s what I hope to explore in the “edit” part of this blog.

And since many of the things we edit are important enough that they require some finesse to ensure we don’t unnecessarily hurt those we care about (including ourselves) in the process, that’s the “by design” part.

Consider this blog officially shipped.

Photo credit: C. Gilliam

8 Comments leave one →
  1. John McGill permalink
    10/03 8:44 AM

    A good ship – and I don’t mean lollipop. The tomato soup looks attractive but the “tomato” looks attractiver!

    Shipment received.

    • Jennifer permalink*
      11/15 4:32 PM

      How fitting that my first-ever comment on my first-ever blog should be from my poet/writer/editor dad! Thanks for weighing in. xoxo

  2. Beth permalink
    10/05 6:27 PM

    Way to ship/launch/give birth…whichever you prefer! It looks great and I’ll stay tuned!

    • Jennifer permalink*
      11/15 4:33 PM

      Gracias for the support, hermana. At this point, I’m going with ‘give birth.’

  3. summer permalink
    10/14 11:29 PM

    luv it…all of it. i will enjoy this journey with you.
    thought-provoking, witty, concise = f-a-b.
    carry on…carry on.

    • Jennifer permalink*
      11/15 4:34 PM

      Everything’s better with you along for the ride. I’ll be looking to you for your style expertise in the very near future.

  4. 11/09 9:07 PM

    Hooray! I have been looking for your blog since you mentioned it as a goal some years ago. Nerve wracking, isn’t it?! But look how awesome it is! I’ve been looking around and I love it! Such a great voice. i am definitely subscribing and can’t wait for more!

    • Jennifer permalink*
      11/15 4:40 PM

      Nerve-wracking indeed, but surprisingly cathartic to have finally started. No idea how you found time to make it over here, but so glad you did — I’m one of your biggest fans!

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